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Board View

Okay, so now we are going to talk about the taskboard. This is a tool that allows you to take a quick look at your daily and weekly job activities. 

It is  similar to the calendar in functionality, but it is meant to just be a quick hit tool. So you won’t see the entire month on it. You will however be able to go forward in the month or backwards by week or day.

Each activity is color coded so it’s very easy to see quickly just  at a glance what you have going on for that day or week.

You can easily move them if they need to be rescheduled by clicking and dragging them to the desired  day of that week.

If at any time you need to edit the  activity just double click on it and you will open it to the edit screen. 

If you want to go further in the month of backward on the top right corner of the screen there is a forward and backward button. It also allows you to change from day to week.

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