Countertop Estimator Software

With our Countertop Estimator Software you can easily draw countertops, make layouts for slabs and create printable quote documents with drawings to send your customers faster than ever before.


Fast Drawing with Template

Drawing with Easy Stone Shop is fast and simple. Thanks to saved countertop templates there is no need to draw everything manually. Simply select the countertop that you like and adjust the dimensions, it’s that simple. 

Automatic layout

Easy Stone Shop will precisely fit all the pieces on selected slab seamlessly. It takes mere moments to place hundreds of pieces on your selected slabs.

Document printing

Create, edit and print documents with countertop estimator software. Print your Quotes, Contracts, Shop Tickets etc. all from one place has never been so easy.

Veins matching

Showing your customer the way their project will look with matching veins all before you even start fabrication has never been easier. Allowing you to avoid issues down the line.

Quote per Area

Are you tired of having to make multiple quotes for one project? With our easy to use Quote Per Area tool you can easily make a quote for multiple areas.